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Amazing Color (canvaswork)

    Amazing Color (canvaswork)

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    1606B | Sold Wholesale | By Needle Delights Originals
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      Nordic Needle Skill Levels Guide


      • Cross stitch: Easy-to-follow designs with limited color changes and full cross stitches on large-count fabric.
      • Canvaswork: Few stitch variations with no specialty threads.
      • Hardanger: Basic designs and stitches with limited cut-work on large-count fabric.
      • Embroidery: Few stitch variations.


      • Cross stitch: Moderate color changes full cross stitches and some backstitching on medium to large-count fabric.
      • Canvaswork: Moderate stitch variations with few specialty threads.
      • Hardanger: Detailed designs with moderate cut-work on medium-count fabric.
      • Embroidery: Moderate stitch variations with few specialty threads.


      • Cross stitch: Many color changes, full and half cross stitches, and backstitching on small (need-a-magnifier) to medium-count fabric.
      • Canvaswork: Many stitch variations and color changes, with multiple specialty threads.
      • Hardanger: Detailed and intricate designs with excessive cut-work on small(need-a-magnifier)-count fabric.
      • Embroidery: Many unique stitch variations with multiple specialty threads and detailed designs.
      Skill level: Master

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    Amazing Color will take you on an incredible journey in color and technique. The design measures 12" square composed of 144 smaller squares. The model was stitched on 18 count white mono canvas (9281-070) and stitched using ThreadworX silks and Vineyard Silk Classics. A conversion chart is provided for Weeks Dye Works Floss and DMC floss as follows: Weeks Due Works #2223 Saffron, 2228 Pumpkin, 1119 Daffodil, 2152 Kentucky Bluegrass, 2334 Lilac, 2118 Blue Topaz, 2107 Blue Jeans, 2265 Strawberry Fields, 2266a Louisiana Hot Sauce, 2275a Bubblegum, 1343 Boysenberry, 4145 Azaleas, 2329 Purple Majesty, and 4151 Peach Cobbler. DMC floss #3805, 718, 725, 919, 3852, 989, 943, 959, 3845, 3844, 322, 155, and 3765. Design size is 216 x 216. There are 26 pages of instructions and stitch diagrams.

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    Amazing Color (canvaswork) 1606B
    Weeks Dye Works Floss - Saffron WD001-2223
    Weeks Dye Works Floss - Pumpkin WD001-2228
    Weeks Dye Works Floss - Daffodil WD001-1119
    Weeks Dye Works Floss - Kentucky Bluegrass WD001-2152
    Weeks Dye Works Floss - Lilac WD001-2334
    Weeks Dye Works Floss - Blue Topaz WD001-2118
    Weeks Dye Works Floss - Blue Jeans WD001-2107
    Weeks Dye Works Floss - Strawberry Field WD001-2265
    Weeks Dye Works Floss - Louisiana Hot Sauce WD001-2266A
    Weeks Dye Works Floss - Bubble Gum WD001-2275A
    Weeks Dye Works Floss - Boysenberry WD001-1343
    Weeks Dye Works Floss - Azaleas WD001-4145
    Weeks Dye Works Floss - Purple Majesty WD001-2329
    Weeks Dye Works Floss - Peach Cobbler WD001-4151
    DMC Floss - Cyclamen Pink DM001-3805
    DMC Floss-Plum DM001-0718
    DMC Floss-Topaz DM001-0725
    DMC Floss - Red Copper DM001-0919
    DMC Floss - Very Dark Straw DM001-3852
    DMC Floss - Forest Green DM001-0989
    DMC Floss - Aquamarine Medium DM001-0943
    DMC Floss - Peacock Green Medium DM001-0959
    DMC Floss - Medium Bright Turquoise DM001-3845
    DMC Floss - Dark Bright Turquoise DM001-3844
    DMC Floss-Navy Blue Very Light DM001-0322
    DMC Floss - Blue Violet Medium Dark DM001-0155
    DMC Floss - Peacock Blue Very Dark DM001-3765
    18 count ct. Mono Deluxe Canvas White 40" wide 9281-070

    "This is a week late but I just want to thank you for the wonderful time I had at the Little Bit of Heaven Stitching Retreat. As always it was just wonderful in every way, the time just flies by too fast. The ladies who put it together deserve a big Thank You they did an awesome job. - Janet"

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