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Susan's Spring Basket (Brazilian embroidery)

    Susan's Spring Basket (Brazilian embroidery)

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    1758B | By A Candle in the Cellar
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      Nordic Needle Skill Levels Guide


      • Cross stitch: Easy-to-follow designs with limited color changes and full cross stitches on large-count fabric.
      • Canvaswork: Few stitch variations with no specialty threads.
      • Hardanger: Basic designs and stitches with limited cut-work on large-count fabric.
      • Embroidery: Few stitch variations.


      • Cross stitch: Moderate color changes full cross stitches and some backstitching on medium to large-count fabric.
      • Canvaswork: Moderate stitch variations with few specialty threads.
      • Hardanger: Detailed designs with moderate cut-work on medium-count fabric.
      • Embroidery: Moderate stitch variations with few specialty threads.


      • Cross stitch: Many color changes, full and half cross stitches, and backstitching on small (need-a-magnifier) to medium-count fabric.
      • Canvaswork: Many stitch variations and color changes, with multiple specialty threads.
      • Hardanger: Detailed and intricate designs with excessive cut-work on small(need-a-magnifier)-count fabric.
      • Embroidery: Many unique stitch variations with multiple specialty threads and detailed designs.
      Skill level: Intermediate

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    Susan's Spring Basket is filled with a lovely array of flowers created in Brazilian Embroidery. The traceable pattern and fabric are included in the chartpack. Finished design is 4" x 2.75".
      Supplies required:
    • EdMar Threads Lola: 225, 007; Iris: 203, 122, 114, 115, 116, 143, 153, 154, 155, 163, 121, 126; Glory: 049

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    Susan's Spring Basket (Brazilian embroidery) 1758B
    Lola-Light Sable BZLOL-225
    Lola-Pale To Light Grape BZLOL-007
    Iris-Golden Yellow BZIRI-203
    Iris-Lt Rust BZIRI-122
    Iris - Light Yellow BZIRI-114
    Iris-Cantaloupe BZIRI-115
    Iris-Lt Antique Rose BZIRI-116
    Iris-Lt Mulberry BZIRI-143
    Iris-Pink BZIRI-153
    Iris-Red BZIRI-154
    Iris-Dark Pink BZIRI-155
    Iris-Antique Rose BZIRI-163
    Iris-Moss Green BZIRI-121
    Iris-Lt Brown BZIRI-126
    Glory-Lt To Pale Avocado BZGLO-049

    "Love the new catalog!! I had to stop myself but will be back:):):) THanks so much for everything! - Nori"

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