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Quilted Christmas and Ornaments (cross stitch)

    Quilted Christmas and Ornaments (cross stitch)

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    4639 | Sold Wholesale
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    You can stitch the design as shown as a quilted hanger or only the ornaments, your choose! The Merry Christmas text measures 127 x 166. The ornaments range in size from the Green (90 x 198) to Gold (73 x 79).
      Supplies required:
    • 28-count White with opalescent Lugana (3270-011)
    • Rainbow Gallery Petite Treasure Braid: PB11, PB08, PB37, PB53, PB34
    • Planet Earth Silks: 1050 (DDSLK-050), 1171V (DDSLK-057), 1031 (DDSLK-143), 1131 (DDSLK-073), 1073 (DDSLK-107), 1125 (DDSLK-055)

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    Quilted Christmas and Ornaments (cross stitch) 4639
    Treasure Braid Petite - Purple TBPET-PB11
    Treasure Braid Petite - Royal Blue TBPET-PB08
    Treasure Braid Petite - Antique Gold Dark TBPET-PB37
    Treasure Braid Petite - Midnight Green TBPET-PB53
    Treasure Braid Petite - Deep Purple TBPET-PB34
    Dinky Dyes Silks - Acacia DDSLK-050
    Dinky Dyes Silks - Native Plum DDSLK-057
    Dinky Dyes Silks - Lost Gold DDSLK-143
    Dinky Dyes Silks - Shiraz DDSLK-073
    Dinky Dyes Silks - Turquoise DDSLK-107
    Dinky Dyes Silks - Dreamtime DDSLK-055

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