Coloring Book - Scandinavian #0065

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Coloring Book - Scandinavian
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Coloring Book - Scandinavian

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With folk-inspired illustrations, textiles designer Zeena Shah brings alive traditional motifs of nature and wildlife with stylish elegance. Perforated pages mean pictures can be pulled out for tracing purposes, or displayed when they have been completed. From the designer, "I have always been a doodler; drawing, designing and making things ever since I was little. It has been a dream come true to illustrate this beautiful book, and I have filled it with all of my favorite things. The illustrations in The Scandinavian Coloring Book encompass my love of nature, the outdoors, and animals. I get so many of my ideas from everyday life. The leaf illustrations in this book came from the shapes of some leaves I collected one autumn day just as I was beginning this coloring book journey, and the cat illustration is inspired by our very own house cat who curled up beside me as I was drawing." 46 pages.