My Way (canavswork) #1038F

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My Way (canavswork)
  • Chartpack
  • Intermediate I Skill level
  • Stitch count 176 x 256
My Way (canavswork)

My Way (canavswork) #1038F

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Product Details

My Way is a gorgeous canvaswork piece by Carolyn Mitchell Designs. This is actually designed as a personal class to show you ways to alter the appearance of an original project using personal choices. To help guide you Carolyn has suggested options including stitches, colors, and fibers. There are actually 7 designs to work with. You can create the design as shown, substitute the 7th one, or stitch them individually. Carolyn steps you through everything with her excellent color charts and detailed instructions. 39 pages. The stitch count is 176 x 256 with a finished size of 9.77" x 14.22".

    Supplies required:
  • 20" (6" included for finishing) of 18-count Sante Fe Sage Canvas (9281-670)
  • DMC Size 5 Pearl Cotton: 644 x 4, 642, 640; Size 8 Pearl Cotton: 644, 640
  • Kreinik #8 Braid: 007; #8 Cord: 088C; 1/16 Cord: 088C; #12 Braid: 007
  • Trebizond: 762 x 5, 765 x3, 561 (RGGRA-G824), 562, 564, 565
  • Rainbow Gallery Very Velvet Petite: V625 x 2 (RGPVV-V652 x 2); Sparkle Rays Petite: PS69 (CD116-088C), PS70 (RI116-191); Neon Rays: N97, N94; Frosty Rays Petite: Y150 (RGFRO-Y150)
  • Caron Collection Watercolours: 050; Wildflowers: 6026, 6023
  • Additional materials required for finishing.

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