Gloves In A Bottle - 2 oz. #311-334-0001

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Gloves In A Bottle - 2 oz.
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Gloves In A Bottle - 2 oz.

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Harsh weather, hand washing and everyday activities can dry out your skin. Hand and skin lotions only attempt to replace natural moisture with articial moisture. Gloves In A Bottle bonds with the outer layer of skin, allowing your skin to heal itself. Over 9,000 dermatologists recommend Gloves In A Bottle to their patients who suffer from dry and cracked skin. And it is perfect for odor, no stickiness and no residue to harm delicate fabrics. It leaves your hands so smooth that no thread or fabric snags. Buy the 2 ounce size (311-334-0001) for your purse or travel and the 8 ounce bottle (311-334-0002) for home and for refilling the smaller one!