Tassel Maker - Large #6824A

By Clover
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Tassel Maker - Large
  • Each
  • 4.31" x 5.87"
Tassel Maker - Large

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Large Tassel Marker can embellish anything from home decor to clothing and needlework and ornaments. Add Tassels, Fringe or Pom Poms to any project. Easy to read instructions. Easy to use with embroidery thread, woolen yarns and any small cord. Ends have a groove to fit your scissor for easy cutting. Sides adjust for making 5 sizes: 2.37", 2.75" 3.12", 3.5" and 4". Tassel maker measures: 4.31" wide. 5.87" long at the smallest size, 9" long at the largest size.